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The success of our website is primarily due to “word of mouth” among family, friends, colleagues at work or through forums and blogs on the Internet.

You are thus our sole advertisers and therefore we wish to thank you, You, our Clients!

1. The system

For each person who registers you as his/her sponsor when ordering, you and your "godchild" receive a voucher equivalent to 5% of the amount of the products he/she purchased. And this applies to his/her first two orders.
You can of course sponsor an unlimited number of persons.
To help you motivate your potential "godchild", remind him/her that the more he/she orders, the higher the amount of the voucher: and the amount of yours too.

2. In practice

After having created his/her account on Santi-shop, during the order process, your godchild will have to enter, at " Cart " level (cart already filled), your sponsorship code for both of you to be able to benefit of the 5% discount. Discount added to the vouchers-accounts when the order is shipped.

After his/her order validation and payment, you will receive an e-mail thanking you for your godchild's order and telling you:

  1. your voucher's amount
  2. the remaining balance of your vouchers

The amount of the vouchers is automatically deducted from the total amount due for the order, up to 50% of the amount owed of the products and this from the third order on.
You can also find out the remaining balance of your vouchers by clicking on " My account ".

3. Conditions

This offer does not apply if sponsor and godchild have the same name and live at the same address.
If the order is cancelled, the voucher will also be cancelled.
The calculation of the voucher value does not take into account the discounted products.

We look forward to serving you.

Updated on 01/05/2020.