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BioverThymus vulgaris tincture - Thyme - organic

Biover Thymus vulgaris tincture - Thyme - organic
 50 ml - 7.63 €
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For chest and throat.
The Thyme tincture is primarily used for its soothing effect on the airways. It eases sore throats and allows you to breathe easily again. The tincture can be used internally to aid digestion, but also as a mouth rinse or gargle. Externally, it is used to relax stiff and tired muscles.

In Spanish : Milenrama tintura - garganta y pecho
In Portuguese : Mil folhas tintura - garganta e peito
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Latin name: Thymus vulgaris


Thymus vulgaris hydroalcoholic extract 100% (alcohol *, Thyme*, water)
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture

Part used: flowering top


Recommendations for use

- 3 x 30 to 40 drops per day in a little water or put them directly under the tongue for a faster result.
- Children over 6 years: 3 x 15 drops per day.
- Refer to your therapist for the correct dosage.

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Thymus vulgaris tincture - Thyme - organic
7.63 €
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