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BioverSpiraea ulmaria tincture - Meadowsweet - organic

Biover Spiraea ulmaria tincture - Meadowsweet - organic
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 Best before ≥ 11/30/2022
For supple joints.
The Meadowsweet tincture is used with success to combat the effects of stiff and tired muscles and to help maintain mobile and flexible joints. It can be used either internally or externally.
Meadowsweet also strengthens and supplements the working of the kidneys and bladder. It fights the orange skin and ensures good water elimination.

In Spanish : Reina de los prados tintura - articulaciones elásticas
In Portuguese : Rainha dos prados tintura - articulaçoes elásticas
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Latin name: Spiraea ulmaria


Spiraea ulmaria hydroalcoholic extract 100% (alcohol *, Meadowsweet*, water)
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture

Part used: flowering top


Recommendations for use

- 3 x 20 to 40 drops per day in a little water or put them directly under the tongue for a faster result.
- Refer to your therapist for the correct dosage.

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7.63 €
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