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BioverPassiflora incarnata tincture - Passion flower - organic

Biover Passiflora incarnata tincture - Passion flower - organic
 50 ml - 6.94 €
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 Best before ≥ 12/31/2021

For a calming effect.

Passion flower tincture is a natural calmative and will improve your night's rest, giving you added energy and vitality the next day! It can also be used during the day to relieve anxiety and stress at home or at work or school.

In Spanish : Pasiflora tintura - relajante
In Portuguese : Passiflora tintura - relaxante

Passiflora incarnata in 100ml : Physalis plant drops

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Latin name: Passiflora incarnata


Passiflora incarnata hydroalcoholic extract 100% (alcohol (67% vol.), Passion flower*, water)
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture

Part used: flowering part


Recommendations for use

  • 3 x 20-30 drops per day in a little water or put them directly under the tongue for a faster result.
  • Refer to your therapist for the correct dosage.

Barcode: 5412141002167

Santi-shop code: BV029

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