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BiofloralHoneysuckle Bach Flower No.16 - organic

Biofloral Honeysuckle Bach Flower No.16 - organic
20 ml

For people who live in the past instead of the present. Who feel that their best days are behind them.

Positive changes: act in the present.

In dropper bottle.

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Cognac*, spring water, aqueous infusion of Lonicera caprifolium* 1/240e.
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture
Alcohol: 27% in volume


The Biofloral Elixirs are elaborated in the mountains of Auvergne with much care according to the original method and the authentic spirit of Dr. Edward Bach. They act by their in-depth subtle character and contribute to reharmonise your psychic and energy balance to overcome the discouragement, sadness, fears, doubts, indecision, lack of confidence and disinterest into life, to find a new balance in your everyday life.


To help you to easily select the elixir you need, Doctor Bach grouped the emotional states in 7 great families in which the 38 elixirs are distributed, each corresponding to a precise soul state.

Recommendations for use

Pour 3 to 4 drops in a glass of water or directly under the tongue, 4 times a day, before the meals and in the evening before going to bed.  You can use it during a short time, during several weeks or several months for an in-depth treatment.  In case of crisis, increase the doses until every quarter of an hour.

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