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HerbalgemSyrup for your Voice - organic

Herbalgem Syrup for your Voice - organic
 250 ml - 10.92 €
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 Best before ≥ 12/31/2022
The SYRUP for your VOICE from HerbalGem (former GemmoBase) is designed for voice and vocal cords comfort.
Made according to an ancient recipe and used in the 18th century by the singers (chantors) of the choir of the Sistine Chapel, this syrup has a specific action on the vocal cords. Hedge mustard (Sisymbre officinale) was referred to as Chantor's herb as it contains sulphur compounds which have a beneficial effect on the vocal cords and thus relax the voice.
The syrup is suitable for anyone who relies heavily on her voice (singers, actors, teachers, lawyers ,...). It is particularly indicated before and after each choir meeting.
This syrup is also beneficial for inveterate coughs, colds, nose flows, chest congestion ( it is specific to draw glairs from the lungs). It increases the energy of the lungs which, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, control the voice.
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Elderberry syrup* (Sambucus Nigra), Hedge mustard* (Sisymbrium officinalis), cane sugar*, honey*; Lemon essential oil*, European Alder buds* (Alnus Glutinosa gemmae)
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture

Traditional use

- aphonia
- relieves the vocal cords
- improves the voice
- clears the throat

Recommendations for use

- Shake before use.
- 1 to 5 coffee spoons per day.

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Syrup for your Voice - organic
10.92 €
250 ml