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HerbalgemDEPURASEVE - organic

Herbalgem DEPURASEVE - organic
 250 ml - 12.67 €
50.68 €/l
 Best before ≥ 12/31/2022

DEPURASEVE from HerbalGem (former GemmoBase) to rejuvenate your body.
The sap from the Birch tree, exclusively harvested in spring helps to cleanse the body of waste matters and toxins accumulated over time. As the sap rises through the tree, it gains in mineral content and energy from the tree itself. Thus it is a living biological liquid that serves to rejuvenate the body. Its association with Birch and Blackcurrant bud extracts reinforces its purifying and draining action. This enriched sap also improves joints flexibility and has a tonic revitalizing action by combating tiredness.
DEPURASEVE taken in combination with DEPURAGEM, ARTIGEM, OSTEOGEM, VENAGEM or TONIGEM will further improve the action of these complexes by synergistic effect.

To learn more about gemmotherapy refer to the (French) book "La Gemmothérapie".

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Betula alba* succus, Betula alba* gemmae, Ribes nigrum* gemmae, alcool*


Birch* Sap, Birch* Buds, Blackcurrant* Buds (Ribes nigrum), Alcohol* (12%)
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture


  • fresh sap harvested in the forests of the Ardennes
  • unpasteurized, unsterilized, without preservative
  • not enriched with xylitol
  • stabilized by alcohol and enriched with birch and blackcurrant bud extracts
  • certified organic


Birch sap added to water raises bread and makes seeds germinate more quickly. It is also an excellent fertilizer for plants.


  • diuretic (removes cholesterol and uric acid)
  • anti-rheumatic
  • depurative (refer to "The birch sap slimming program")
  • dermatological
  • against gout and kidney stones

Recommendations for use

  • Shake before use.
  • Cure: 1 spoonful per day on empty stomach in the morning, pure or diluted in 1 water during 3 weeks.
  • A 250ml bottle represents a cure of three weeks.
  • Drink abundantly to support the elimination of toxins.
  • Keep in a cool place after opening.
  • One cure in spring, best also one at each season change.

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DEPURASEVE - organic
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