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HerbalgemSmoker's Syrup - organic

Herbalgem Smoker's Syrup - organic
 250 ml - 10.92 €
43.68 €/l
 Best before ≥ 12/31/2021
The SMOKER's SYRUP from HerbalGem (former GemmoBase) helps you clean your lungs and combat smoker's cough.
This syrup relieves smokers' cough and strengthens their respiratory tracts by eliminating the tar layer accumulated over the years. Many scientific and medical studies have shown that nicotine narrows blood vessels and smokers clog their airways with many toxic substances, particularly tars.
Inula root, Marrube grass and essential oils of Eucalyptus, Laurel, and Myrrh act in synergy to remove mucus from the lungs, providing rapid relief for the respiratory system and permitting smokers to breathe more easily.
The SYRUP FOR SMOKERS is recommended for all smokers because it brings respiratory comfort and deodorizes breath.
For non-smokers, this syrup supports better breathing in winter or when needed.
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Inula Root* Syrup (Inula Helenium), Marrube* Syrup (Marubium Vulgare), Sugar Cane*, Calendula* (Calendula Officinalis), Plantain* (Plantago Major), Hazel* Buds (Corylus Avellana Gemmae), Eucalyptus* Oil (Eucalyptus Globulus), Laurel* Oil (Laurus Nobilis), Myrrh* Oil (Myrtus Communis), Propolis
* from certified organic agriculture

Recommendations for use

- Shake before use.
- 1 to 5 coffee spoons per day, during 3 weeks.

Barcode: 5425009091661

Santi-shop code: HE021

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Smoker's Syrup - organic
10.92 €
250 ml