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Santi-shopTulsi - organic

Santi-shop Tulsi - organic
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Tulsi or Indian Basilica is consumed in India as an infusion and often substitutes for tea. In Thai cuisine it figures as a variety of basilica is found in herbal mix hands or culinary spices. Ayurvedic medicine and research ascribe many health properties to it, in India it is revered as an elixir of life.
Tulsi has a pleasant spicy fragrance with woody undertones, clearly different from the scent of the basil known in Europe. In Ayurvedic medicine Tulsi is considered a balm for the spirit in difficult phases of life because of its heartwarming and relaxing effect. Externally it is used against skin diseases and ringworm.
Other names: Tulasi,Thulasi, Holy Basil.

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Latin name: Ocimum tenuiflorum, Ocimum sanctum L., Geniosporum tenuiflorum L., Lumnitzera tenuiflora L., Moschosma tenuiflorum L., Ocimum anisodorum, Ocimum caryophyllinum , Ocimum hirsutum, Ocimum inodorum, Ocimum monachorum L., Ocimum scutellarioides, Ocimum subser

Origin: India


Tulsi, one of the seven major remedies of Ayurvedic medicine, is effective on all individuals, but especially on the Kapha and Pitta grounds, and is "rasayana", which means that tulsi brings the individual back to health, whatever his problems. Taken daily, it can bring many improvements, promotes the reconstruction of the physically and morally exhausted person.


In addition to eugenol, Tulsi contains a number of other potent antioxidants (phenols and flavonoids), which together are probably responsible for most of the medical effects. In a comparison of several basil species, the antioxidants contained in Indian basil were the strongest.
The classic texts speak of a daily consumption of tulsi to balance the chakras (centers of energy): rebalancing of an excess of mental energy creating a physical stress (via adrenaline/cortisol), reduction of the overflow of ideas with a refocusing in the present and in the intuitive part (ventral area).


  • anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-bacterial action (e.g. against Staphylococcus aureus)
  • radioprotective effects
  • anthelmintic or antihelminthic effect (antiparasitic and vermifuge: expels parasitic worms or other internal parasites) effects
  • antistress (ea improves high stress-related tention), antispasmodic, slightly anesthetic
  • hypotensive, hypoglycemic
  • carminative, digestive
  • anti-pain
  • beneficial effects on health and longevity, soothing and balancing well doing action on body and mind
  • dried Indian basilica water extract improved some coordination performance in mice
  • Traditional use

  • stress, high blood-pressure due to stress
  • inflammatory states
  • high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases (tonic)
  • parasitic worm infections
  • dermatophytosis or dermatomycosis
  • exposure to harmful radiation
  • poisoning, difficult digestion
  • respiratory infections
  • allergies (rhinitis, hay fever, asthma): long-term cure
  • pains, headaches
  • Recommendations for use

    As a condiment as is or ground (in raw vegetables or added at the end of cooking) or as herbal tea or as is (ground or not), about 1/2 teaspoon one to several times a day, in "continuous" (3 weeks out of 4) or as needed.

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    500 g
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