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GPH DiffusionLemon essential oil - organic

GPH Diffusion Lemon essential oil - organic
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Lemon essential Oil produces a light, fresh aroma, a kinder version of the juice's characteristically tart scent that compliments and blends with most other oils.
Its antibacterial, antiseptic properties indicate it to clean ambient air and make it useful to counter cold blow, sore throat, cold, bronchitis, flu ...
As it stimulates the action of liver, gallbladder and pancreas, it facilitates digestion and also purifies the blood and drains the liver gently. It also facilitates the expulsion of gas, relieves bloating and calms nausea.
It is also useful for the blood circulation as it strengthens the blood vessels and thins blood. It is therefore anticouperose, gives a softer, more fresh and brighter complexion. In addition its action against hydro-lipidic retention facilitates detoxification and cleaning up, helps destocking fats and toning. It is therefore appreciable in case of overweight, cellulite, edema ... and also in care for oily hair, oily skin and fat dandruff because it slows down the production of sebum.
Lemon essential Oil is also useful in case of physical or mental fatigue, emotional imbalance because it is neurotonic, clarifies the mind and makes it more positive.
Its qualities as culinary flavoringare also remarkable.
Lemon is one of the most useful fruits in natural medicine. This "essential oil" is obtained by cold expression (and not by steam distillation) of the outer part of the bark of the fruit and is therefore what some call an essence. The biological quality is absolutely essential for zest essences of rutaceous, because otherwise almost pure pesticide is used.

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Latin name: Citrus limonum

Part used: zest

Aromatic molecules: limonene, terpinene, paracymene

Origin: Brazil


essential oil qualified "100% pure and natural"


  • antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic
  • strengthens natural immunity, regulates metabolism
  • vitamin-P mimetic (action on the microcirculation, decrease of capillary permeability and increase of capillary resistance), blood thinner
  • maintenance of tissue youth
  • digestive tonic, carminative, aperient, depurative
  • dissolves stones (litholytic), kidney stones and gallstones
  • tonic for the nervous System
  • disinfects the air as a vapour

Traditional use

  • Rosacea, phlebitis, hemorrhoids, venous stasis
  • Periods of contagious diseases: in atmospheric diffusion
  • Digestive, hepatic and pancreatic fatigue
  • Obesity, cellulite, lymphatic drainage (detoxification and cleaning up)
  • Convalescence
  • Premature aging: hypertension, arteriosclerosis, capillary fragility, wrinkles
  • Furunculias, acnes, warts, herpes, rashes, comedones, scabs, facial seborrhea, frostbite, freckles and brittle nails
  • Nephritic calculi and colic
  • Asthenia, general fatigue, tiredness, loss of concentration, brain fatigue

Recommendations for use

Internal use: 2 drops of essential oil in virgin olive oil 3 times a day. Daily, in the morning before the meal, 2 drops of lemon essential oil on 1/4 of a cane sugar to suck or in a little virgin olive oil activates the digestive and hepato-pancreatic functions and so realises a true detoxification.
External use: 2 drops of essential oil + 2 drops of virgin hazelnut oil in local applications for skindeseases, brittle nails and skin aging, about 2 times a day.

As a vapour, in the bath, to gargle…

Precautions for use

  • do not use in the first 3 months of pregnancy
  • skin irritation (dermocaustic) possible if used pure
  • risk of photosensitivity (Do not apply before sun exposure)

essential oil qualified "100% pure and natural"

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Lemon essential oil - organic
3.06 €
10 ml
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