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Droste-LauxAlkaline Gemstone Bath

Droste-Laux Alkaline Gemstone Bath
300 g

The fine formula of the Michael Droste-Laux Alkaline Gemstone Bath with valuable natural minerals promotes the release of acids through the skin. The product stands for cleansing, freshness, self-oiling, smoothness and brightness.
Good skin compatibility and also suitable for child care.

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COSMETICS / Body care / Balneotherapy

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Sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sea salt, calcium carbonate, crystalline rock salt, natural minerals, aquamarine, rock crystal, rose quartz

Traditional use

Therapy accompanying for: Cellulite, muscle soreness, tensions, foot sweat and sensitive skin. Basic applications are also highly recommended for competitive athletes, expectant mothers, menopausal women and after mental and physical exertion.

Recommendations for use

  • Full bath: 3 tablespoons for a full bath with bath temperature 36-37.5 °C and bath time 30 to 90 minutes and longer. Thus, the natural physiological regulatory processes of the entire skin are stimulated again. 2 full baths a week and best with rest after bath.
  • Foot bath: 1 tablespoon for a foot bath, bath time between 30-60 minutes. Healthy and a real beauty care for the feet (sleep inducing if at bedtime, and very refreshing and invigorating in summer as a cool foot bath). 3-5 foot baths per week during the day or in the evening.
  • Alkaline massage: moisten skin under a body-warm shower, gently take some Alkaline Gemstone bath between the handpalms (hands will feel pleasantly warm) and gently massage neck, shoulders, arms, buttocks, thighs, feet and abdomen until the fine crystals have dissolved. Then shower off warm. Professionals like to use this Alkaline gemstone bath for energy massages and mix it under their special oils.
  • Alkaline washes: Add one teaspoon of Alkaline Gemstone Bath to one liter of lukewarm water and mix with your hand, then wash the body with that soft water, especially well-lasting under the armpits as a deodorising refreshment.

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