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Santi-shopBilberries, dried - organic

Santi-shop Bilberries, dried - organic
 5 kg - 265.00 €
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Bilberries, small blue-purple coloured berries, have a mild, slightly sweet flavour (unlike cowberries, of the same family, which are more bitter) and are among the berries with lightest sugar and caloric content and among the fruits with the highest antioxidant activity. They are known for their high fiber content and their diuretic, antiseptic, antidiarrheic, antihemorrhagic and antihemeralopic properties (hemeralopia is an excessive difficulty of seeing when it is getting darker).
Bilberry (especially Vaccinium myrtillus) is also known in English by other names including blaeberry, whortleberry, (ground) hurts, whinberry, winberry, windberry, wimberry, myrtle blueberry and fraughan. Bilberries are distinct from blueberries but closely related to them, the bilberry is native to Europe including the British Isles, while the blueberry is native to North America.

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Latin name: Vaccinium myrtillus

Origin: Macedonia


Despite the care taken during the production process to mechanically remove foreign material, there may still remain some. It is therefore recommended to make a visual control, and if necessary a sorting, before any use.
No refund request in relation with foreign material will be accepted.


Consumption of raw, wild or cultured, berries harvested close to the ground presents the danger of catching alveolar echinococcosis (berries contaminated by droppings of fox, dogs or other). Freezing the berries at -80 ° C, cooking or drying them (Echinococcus needs a minimum of moisture to survive) kills the parasite. Careful washing of plants or fruits from such harvesting is recommended, but probably not very effective and freezing at -20 ° C does not affect the echinococcus. But curiously children seem to be spared by this disease probably because their immune system can more easily get rid of echinococci.

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Bilberries, dried - organic
265.00 €
5 kg