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MarkalHaché végétal façon méditerranéenne - organic

Markal Haché végétal façon méditerranéenne  - organic
125 g

Extra-fine pieces of Yellow soy proteins deliciously enhanced with Mediterranean flavours, ideal for balancing low-protein dishes, for making vegetable patties or other vegetable preparations, in sauces or for replacing finely ground meat in fillings (lasagna, ravioli, pizzas, moussakas).
These extra-fine pieces of soy protein are obtained by textured extrusion of partially deoiled yellow soy and have a size smaller than 5mm diameter.

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FOOD / Leguminosae

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Extra fine textured soy protein*, cream of rice*, tomatoes*, sweet paprika*, onion*, parsley*, beetroot*, garlic*, herbes de Provence*, black pepper*
* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: France


These organic textured soy proteins were obtained from yellow soybeans (Glycine max) from organic agriculture. Textured or texturised soy proteins are food proteins produced by an extruder from defatted soy flour, by-product (oil-cake) of the extraction of soybean oil. The defatted soy flour mixed with water and steam is introduced into an extruder where the combination of pressure and temperature allows to deactivate some enzymes that may cause rancidity, to destroy the growth inhibitors, to reduce bitterness and to bond the proteins together thanks to their "elasticity". At the outlet of the extruder the material obtained is expelled at a high speed and a cutting tool devises the outcoming material in variable but delimited dimensions. Next come drying, calibration and packing.


Nutritional values per 100g

  • energy: 1428kJ / 330kcal
  • fat: 4,5g of which saturates: 0,7g
  • carbohydrates: 30.7g of which sugars: 9g
  • fibre: 16,8g
  • protein: 35,6g
  • salt: 0g

Recommendations for use

Pour the desired amount of mixture into a hollow dish, add simmering water (2 times the mixture volume), stir and allow to swell for about 5 minutes.

Precautions for use

  • Possible traces of gluten, sesame, mustard, nuts and lupine.
  • Store away from light, in cool, dry conditions.

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