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BiofloreRoll-on angelica archangelica - organic

Bioflore Roll-on angelica archangelica - organic
10 ml

Essential oil of Angelica has a balsamic, persistent, slightly peppery and musky aroma. Its dilution in the Roll-on angelica archangelica applicator is particularly practical and advantageous for the psycho-emotional influence of this oil used to fight nervous weakness, irresistible fear, lack of perseverance, difficulty to make choices, addictions of all kinds.
10ml roll-on bottle for cutaneous use.

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AROMATHERAPY / Massages and deep healing


AROMATHERAPY / Diffuser/Spray/Roll-on

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virgin jojoba oil* from first cold pressing, Angelica*(Angelica archangelica) essential oil from distillation of the roots (5% )
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture


Emotional impact: helps to
  • fight against a lack of resolution
  • make available for mediation, spiritual opening
  • feeling supported during a difficult time
  • promote rootedness
  • free yourself from negative feelings that generate anxiety

Recommendations for use

Apply the oleoparfum on the inner sides of the wrists, rub these against each other, carry them up to the nostrils and inspire several times deeply the aroma. Later the roll-on can be applied to other points of entry: inside of the elbows, solar plexus, neck, soles of the feet.

Precautions for use

Caution specific to angelica: do not apply on a skin area that will be immediately exposed to the sun, wait at least half an hour after application.

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