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BaldiniFeelkraft room fragrance - organic

Baldini Feelkraft room fragrance - organic
 100 ml - 13.38 €
133.80 €/l

Baldini (Taoasis) Feelkraft room fragrance is a refreshing invigorating scent with lime, lemon and lemongras. Certified Demeter, it is made of 100% organic essential oils and alcohol.
The scent comes with a decorative glass flacon and 5 bamboo diffusion sticks.

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Limette **, Zitrone**, Alkohol**, Lemongras**
**= demeter

Recommendations for use

Insert the bamboo sticks into the bottle and allow the fragrance to diffuse into the room. The fragrance lasts 4 to 8 weeks depending on the number of sticks used and the daily use time.

Precautions for use

Keep away from children.

Barcode: 4025121070127

Santi-shop code: BD001

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Feelkraft room fragrance - organic
13.38 €
100 ml