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BiofloreSpray pump cap, reusable

Bioflore Spray pump cap, reusable
1 pc.

Robust spray pump in white plastic for use on 5ml to 100ml glas bottles with 16mm screw thread.
Allows fine nebulization in a fan for preparations based on essential oils, alcohol and / or water. For fatty oils or any preparation containing a portion of fatty oil this pump projects the liquid in a line, allowing for a better dosage. It also better protects the product against oxidation. The caps, spray pump and bottles are cleanable and reusable, this for ecological purposes.

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AROMATHERAPY / Diffuser/Spray/Roll-on

AROMATHERAPY / Hydrosols (Floral Waters)

AROMATHERAPY / Base material

COSMETICS / Accessories

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Robust pump with quality mechanism. Recyclable materials.

Recommendations for use

The dip tube is to be cut according to the height of the bottle.
Cleaning: push the tube of the pump in warm soapy water and operate the pump so that this the water circulates inside the mechanism and thereby cleans the system. Rinse with pure water in an analogous manner. If necessary, prior to rinsing, disinfect the system with alcohol in a similar manner.

Santi-shop code: BF107

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