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Natur'InovPumpkin Seeds - organic

Natur'Inov Pumpkin Seeds - organic
1 kg

These raw food quality pumpkin seeds can be eaten as such, toasted, chopped or ground. They are rich in proteins, contain many minerals, are good for health. They are delicious as snack, aperitif or accompaniment to many dishes.
Pumpkin seeds contain many minerals, are rich in proteins and healthy lipids.Regular use is considered beneficial for the prostate.

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pumpkin seeds*
* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: China


Average data per 100g
- energy: 2416 / 583 kcal
- protein: 34.8.0g
- carbohydrates: less than 0.1g
- fat: 47.40g
- fibers: 8,8g

Recommendations for use

- You can consume them as such, but they are even better when roasted in a dry frying pan. When they are roasted, spice them and/or salt them to your convenience.
- The pumpkin seeds are equally delicious in the salads, the bread, the biscuits and the mueslis.

Precautions for use

- Store in a cool and dry place, in a closed packing.
- Allergens that may be present on the production line and be a risk of cross contamination: gluten, sesame, soybean, mustard, nuts.

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