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Santi-shopArtichoke cut leaves - organic

Santi-shop Artichoke cut leaves - organic
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Artichoke leaves are medicinal and give a bitter tea mainly used in the symptomatic treatment of digestive problems but with much larger properties.
(Tea from) artichoke leaves facilitates the secretion of bile in the intestine and kidney and digestive elimination functions, has a hepatoprotective and cholesterol-lowering, blood lipids regulating and prebiotic (useful for the proper functioning of the intestines and system immune) action. It helps in the reconstitution of the hepatic cell (hence its use for jaundice and cirrhosis), could also be protective against breast and intestine cancer and prevents ageing by a tissue rejuvenating effect.
Artichokes contain various health substances whose effects have mostly been studied in extracts of the great toothed leaves with bitter taste (growing on the stems) and less for the delicious artichoke hearts or the fleshy bracts savoured as vegetables.

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Latin name: Cynara scolymus


finely cut artichoke leaves*
* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: Polen


Despite the care taken during the production process to mechanically remove foreign material, there may still remain some. It is therefore recommended to make a visual control, and if necessary a sorting, before any use.
No refund request in relation with foreign material will be accepted.


Some active principles of the leaves: cynarin giving an astringent flavor, cynaropicrin (lactone) giving a bitter taste, enzymes, flavonoids, tannins and sugars (including linulin).
Linulin, for example, a non-digestible sugar of the fructan family, is called prebiotic because it is not digested or absorbed by the small intestine, but fermented by the intestinal bacterial flora whose beneficial bacteria (among others bifidobacteria) can use inulin to develop and perform more effectively their task contributing to the health and proper functioning of the intestine (eg synthesis or absorption of several nutrients) and the immune system. According to studies, inulin also has a beneficial effect on the regulation of blood lipids, especially in case of hyperlipidemia, and, but to be confirmed, on the control of blood glucose. Finally, inulin could play a role in reducing the risk of colon, breast and bowel cancer in humans and animals.


  • stimulation of bile secretion (choleretic) and improvement of the evacuation of the bile and especially the bile ducts (cholagog)
  • hepatoprotection an -reconstitution
  • diuretic, laxative, depurative, tonic effect
  • tissue rejuvenation
  • opposition to Excess Cholesterol

Traditional use

  • hepato-renal diseases, hepatic (liver) or renal insufficiency, jaundice (yellowing), cirrhosis
  • dyspepsia (digestive problems), bloating, stomach aches, nausea
  • plethoric states, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, atherosclerosis
  • gallstones, urinary stones
  • too much cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), blood urea
  • water retention

Recommendations for use

  • Herb tea: Bring 200ml of water to a boil, add,off the fire, about 2g of artichoke leaves and let infuse about ten minutes to get enough active substances. 1 cup 3 times daily, preferably before meals.
  • Decoction (hypercholesterolemia, hepatic and biliary disorders, certain forms of pruritus, urticaria or eczema): put a good 5g of artichoke leaves in 250 ml of cold water, heat and keep to boil for 7 minutes before filtering. 1 cup 2 times a day preferably before meals.

Precautions for use

  • Store away from heat, moisture, and light
  • Contra-indication: allergy to artichoke or one of its compounds, pregnancy and lactation. In case of bile duct obstruction (stimulation of bile production could then cause serious problems) or taking medication, consult your therapist.

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Artichoke cut leaves - organic
9.47 €
500 g