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Fair SquaredSensitive dry condom

Fair Squared Sensitive dry condom
10 pc.

FAIR SQUARED sensitive dry condom does not contain any lubricant to allow you to decide if you want to use a lubricant and if yes, which one. These condoms are made out of Fair Trade natural latex.

Pack of 10 preservatives packed individually. Each condom is electronically tested for safety.

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Origin: Germany


These condoms are manufactured in Germany and carry the CE marking, meaning that they meet all the technical standards of the European Union. The latex used is made from natural fair trade rubber from southern India.


  • electronically tested
  • transparent
  • dry = without lubricants
  • cylindrically modelled
  • with reservoir
  • thickness: 0,06mm
  • nominal width: 52mm
  • length: 180mm
  • ecological and compostable


FAIR SQUARED condoms protect you from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Precautions for use

Store away from humidity and light.

Barcode: 4260365853161

Santi-shop code: FS005

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