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DanivalUnrefined Atlantic sea salt - coarse

Danival Unrefined Atlantic sea salt - coarse
1 kg

This sea salt is harvested by hand using traditional methods, on clay layer in Atlantic salt marshes located in the heart of a natural park. It is the result of an ancestral know-how that the partner salt-maker of Danival has been perpetuating for more than 10 years. Once harvested the Atlantic sea salt is sun dried and packed. It's a slightly gray salt, naturally low in lead and heavy metals and whose natural properties, minerals and trace elements have been preserved because it is unrefined, unwashed, untreated and additive-free. It conforms to the controlled Danival Atlantic sea salt specifications.

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FOOD / Condiments

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unrefined, untreated, additive-free, fine Atlantic sea salt

Origin: salt marshes of the Atlantic (Portugal)


average analysis of 100g unrefined salt:
- sodium chloride: 95g - including sodium: 35g
- magnesium : 0,1g
- calcium : 0,2g
- potassium: 0,05g

Precautions for use

Store in a dry place

Barcode: 3431590000052

Santi-shop code: DV002