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PhysalisHypericum perforatum tincture - St John's wort - organic

Physalis Hypericum perforatum tincture - St John's wort - organic
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Good humour.

The St John's wort tincture combats dark moods and gives you back the joy of living. The first positive effects are felt after 3 weeks of use. A full cure must last at least 2-3 months.
Many studies have shown that the St John's wort is effective in treating mild or moderate clinical depression. It is also used to combat anxiety and nervous restlessness.

In Spanish : Hipérico tintura - alegría de vivir
In Portuguese : Hipericão tintura - alegria de viver

Hypericum perforatum in 50ml : Biover plant drops

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Latin name: Hypericum perforatum


Hypericum perforatum hydroalcoholic extract 100% (alcohol *, St John's wort*, water)
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture

Part used: flowering top


Recommendations for use

- 3 x 30 drops per day in a little water or directly under the tongue, during 3 to 4 months.
- Refer to your therapist for the correct dosage.

Precautions for use

- Avoid while pregnant.
- Avoid during breast feeding.
- Avoid exposure to sun.
- Consult your pharmacist or doctor for any interactions with medications.

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