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BioveganVanilla pods, Bourbon - organic

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Biovegan Vanilla pods, Bourbon - organic
 2 pc. - 5.99 €
3.00 €/pc.

As pod or powder, vanilla flavor is suave and sweet. It perfumes multiple salty or sweet dishes, especially those based on milk or cream. Vanilla also has some health indications because stimulating, de-stressing, aperitive and digestive.
Unlike the artificially produced "Vanilli"n, Biovegan's Bourbon Vanilla offers the natural fullness of the true "Queen of Spices".

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Latin name: Vanilla planifolia , Vanilla pompona

Origin: Madagaskar, Germany

Precautions for use

Possible traces of nuts, almonds, mustard and soy.

Barcode: 4005394115640

Santi-shop code: BN003