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Le TaïmanStop uri - penile compression clamp

Le Taïman Stop uri - penile compression clamp
 2 pc. - 82.50 €
41.25 €/pc.

Stop URI penile clamp is recommended in casses of urinary losses after surgery, illness or related to age. It has been designed by men who suffer from incontinence and who no longer wanted to wear pads. It compensates for faulty sphincters by compressing the penis (and so closing the urethra) and is easily manipulated to empty the bladder when the need to urinate is felt. It is not adapted in case of retracted penis.

User reviews

"Very good product that allows a normal social life. It takes time to adapt the tightening to each activity.", "Excellent. In face of adversity, the only effective solution to date.", "Very satisfactory even for those who have very sensitive skin like me. I take the precaution to surround the penis with a non-woven compress before putting in the clamp. So, I can stand it all day without realising it."

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The box contains:

  • 2 clamps.
  • 3 sizes of clips for each clamp, in total 12 clips.
  • The instructions for use.

  • Dimensions: width 7.5cm, thickness 1.7cm and height 4cm maximum
  • Easy compression setting thanks to the interchangeable clips
  • Comfortable and lightweight (9g)
  • Discreet: invisible under clothing
  • Bonded memory shape foam
  • Washable: Waterproof foam
  • No metal parts
  • CE Medical Device


Stop-URI penile compression clamp does not constrict the penis thanks to its shape memory foam which adapts to each type of penis. Blood circulation continues on the sides.

Recommendations for use

The 2 clamps shall be used alternately each one every second day to be able to be washed and to allow the polyethylene foam to resume its initial volume. Depending on the people, it can take from a few days to a few weeks to get fully used to the product.

Barcode: 3760243650017

Santi-shop code: LT001

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Stop uri - penile compression clamp
82.50 €
2 pc.