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Lune GroupCup wipes

Lune Group Cup wipes
 10 pc. - 3.08 €
0.31 €/pc.

Lunette Cup wipes are a great option for sanitizing your menstrual cup when you can’t rinse it. They eliminate most germs and enable you to use your cup safely, even when water is not an option. Cup wipes enable you to use your cup wherever you go.

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viscose , water, denatured alcohol

Origin: Finland


Made from (biodegradable) you can discard the used wipes in the compost (decomposed in less than six weeks). If there is no trash nearby, you can also throw the wipe in the toilet.

Traditional use

Use wipes to disinfect your cut before and after your cycle. You can also soak it for a few moments in boiling water or gently clean it with alcohol. Do not wash the cup after disinfection.

Recommendations for use

  • Wipe your menstrual cup dry with some tissue or paper towel.
  • Wipe the entire internal and external surface of the cup with the cup wipe.
  • Let the cup dry thoroughly before re-inserting.

Precautions for use

Not to be used directly on the skin in genital zone.

Barcode: 6430024460063

Santi-shop code: LU010

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