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Santi-shopEschscholzia, dried - organic

Santi-shop Eschscholzia, dried - organic
250 g

Medicinal plant for a quiet and restful sleep.
Eschscholzia is recommended in cases of difficulty falling asleep, disturbed sleep, severe overwork, painful spasms (colic, pain in the gallbladder, ...), joint pain. Iit is very well tolerated and does not lead to habituation or Side effects: it normalizes the patient's psychological functions without disturbing his behaviour.
Eschscholzia was discovered in the American State of California by the Russian botanist Eschscholtz , from where his names Eschscholtzia and "California Poppy" or "American Poppy","California sunlight". Further names: golden poppy, cup of gold.

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PHYTOTHERAPY / Medicinal plants

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Latin name: Eschscholzia californica

Part used: aerial part

Origin: Germany


Despite the care taken during the production process to mechanically remove foreign material, there may still remain some. It is therefore recommended to make a visual control, and if necessary a sorting, before any use.
No refund request in relation with foreign material will be accepted.


Eschscholtzia belongs the Papaveraceae family(opium source) but is not addictive and does not cause inurement.
Papaveraceae often contain many alkaloids (such as the opium poppy or poppy). Eschscholzia also but its roots contain much more of them than the aerial parts (respectively 2% to 3% and 0.5%). The most important eschscholtzia alkaloids have been studied by pharmacologists and do not appear to have any significant toxicity except for Sanguinarin, but this is only present as a trace in the aerial parts (unlike the roots).


  • anxiolytic at low dose (approximately 25mg dry plant per kg body weight), sedative at higher doses (100 to 400 mg / kg)
  • hypnotic
  • induces sleep, decreases falling asleep delay and prolongs sleep time
  • antispasmodic (or spasmolytic: suppressing spasms (abnormal and involuntary muscle contractions)
  • calming, relaxing and analgesic by action on encephalins, recommended in pediatrics
  • Useful for withdrawal (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs)

Traditional use

  • sleep disorders (children and adults): difficulty falling asleep, anxiety, multiple night-time awakenings, insomnia in the early morning, non-restorative sleep, nightmares (especially in children), insomnia during menopause...
  • headache and toothache, in external use
  • neuropathies, psychic and physical disorders in children
  • stress, anxiety, nervousness and agitation leading to sleep disturbances
  • nocturnal incontinence, especially in children
  • cramps and muscle spasms accompanying sleep disorders
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Recommendations for use

  • Infusion: 1 teaspoon of plant per cup of boiling water, let infuse for 10 minutes (1 to 4 cups a day, or, one cup 30 minutes before bedtime) (note that the anxiolytic action is found in the total plant powder or in the dry extract, and less in the herbal tea)
  • A quarter teaspoon in the evening at the time of the meal and even at bedtime (dosage reduced by half for a child)
  • External use: several times a day, brush locally or apply a soaked swab on the area to be treated.
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Precautions for use

Some people noticed a certain torpor after taking eschscholtzia. For sensitive people it is therefore advisable to take it only in the evening, to avoid taking alcohol during treatment (because it increases the sedative effect) and not to associate eschscholtzia with other tranquillizers. In case of torpor avoid having to perform an activity requiring concentration and sustained attention (driving for example).
Contraindicated in pregnant and breastfeeding women (because of the presence of certain alkaloids)

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