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GalkeSilver Linden flowers - organic

Galke Silver Linden flowers - organic
250 g

Silver Linden flowers have anxiolytic and sedative properties that soothe the nervous system and calm anxiety. They are also sudorific and diuretic, improve difficult digestion, gastric spasms, suites of colds and various skin conditions.
The genus is generally called lime or linden in Britain and linden, lime, or basswood in North America.

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Latin name: Tilia tomentosa Moench

Origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Despite the care taken during the production process to mechanically remove foreign material, there may still remain some. It is therefore recommended to make a visual control, and if necessary a sorting, before any use.
No refund request in relation with foreign material will be accepted.


Silverlinde blossoms contain tannins, phenols and flavonoids, including quercetin and kaempferol, two excellent antioxidants. The soothing mucilage richness of the inflorescences makes them particularly useful in external use for dermatological conditions.


  • Soothes stress due to intellectual overwork, causing neither addiction nor backlash depression.
  • Relieves nasal secretions and fever due to colds and flu.
  • Relieves tension and headaches due to sinusitis.
  • Sudorific and diuretic action (promotes sweating and urinary secretions)
  • External poultice soothes skin conditions like pruritus, burns, eczema itch and heals chapped skin, cracks, bites and other small skin irritations.
  • Helps to brighten the complexion and reduce wrinkles and freckles.

Traditional use

  • Sleep Disorders
  • Nervousness, anxiet
  • Stress and palpitations of nerve origin
  • Difficult digestion, gastric spasms (especially if due to nervousness))
  • Colds, flu and fevers
  • Hypertension due to psychological or nervous disorders
  • Hypertension associated with atherosclerosis (long-term treatment)
  • Skin disorders (external use)

Recommendations for use

  • Herbal tea: put a nice pinch in boiling water and let infuse ten minutes before filtering. About 3 cups a day
  • In a bath for young children, linden flowers provide a good restful sleep, smell good, soften irritated skins and can soothe a bit too turbulent children : put a handful of linden flowers in a pan with boiling water, infuse 10 minutes, filter and add to the bath (eventually with a little lavender).
  • Bath for adults (ancient cure against nervousness): infuse for half an hour 500 g of flowers enclosed in a bag (loose cloth) immersed in 10 liters of hot water, add this preparation to the bath water and relax in it as long as possible.
  • Bath for a soft skin: infuse 100g of flowers in 1 liter of boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes, pass and add to the eveningbath water.
  • Lotion for face and skin: make a decoction of linden flowers (40 to 50 g per liter of water, let it boil for 15 to 20 minutes) and apply as a lotion against wrinkles and cutaneous spots, as compresses (apply on the skin a cloth soaked in the decoction) to illuminate the complexion or to treat irritated areas.
  • Linden flowers are best known for their use as infusion but they are also consumable as such, have a rather mild flavor, can be added to different dishes (young linden leaves can be mixed with salads, more leathery leaves are to cook before consumption).

Precautions for use

  • Warning: too strong dosages may, contrary to the usual recommended doses, excite and cause insomnia.
  • Not recommended (due to lack of data) internally to pregnant and lactating women and children under 12 years.

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