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BiofloreRosehip oil - organic

Bioflore Rosehip oil - organic
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This sweet briar rose Rosehip oil is an organic cold pressed vegetable oil very rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins which has remarkable properties of cell regeneration. Hence its wide range of applications for skin problems (devitalisation, dryness, fissures,desquamation, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, scars ..). Much research showed that its regular application on scars, recent or old, gives the skin back a more natural texture and colour.
Rosa rubiginosa (or Rosa eglanteria), also known as Sweet Briar or Eglantine Rose, or "Rosa Mosqueta" in Chile and Argentina, is a species of rose native to Europe and western Asia. It is a dense deciduous shrub 2–3 m high and across, with the stems bearing numerous hooked prickles. The foliage has a strong apple-like fragrance. The flowers, 5 pink petals with a white base, are 1.8–3 cm diameter, are produced in clusters of 2-7 together, from late spring to mid summer and the fruit, a globose to oblong red hip from which marmalade can be made, gives this oil, remarkable for cutaneous care.

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Latin name: Rosa rubiginosa


- skin tissue renewal
- attenuation of scars and stretch marks, premature skinaging, expression wrinkels
- improves dry and damaged skin, heals sunburn (sunstroke, heliosis)
- penetrates the skin rather quickly

Traditional use

- devitalized, dry, cracked, fissured, desquamated skin
- red face blotches (rosacea), hyperpigmentation, scars(cicatrices)
- premature wrinkles, sunburn, sunstrokes, or ray damages

Recommendations for use

- Rose hip oil is applied daily on the area to treat, face and body, alone or in synergy, in circular massage until complete penetration. It can also be used preventively against stretch marks during pregnancy, for example in synergy with green mandarin essential oil.
- For ray damages a synergy with tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and Melaleuca (Melaleuca quinquenervia) essential oils can be used.

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