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SodasanStain Remover Gel

Sodasan Stain Remover Gel
200 ml

Sodasan stain remover Flecken-Gel is fighting any stain andit is a vegetable soap gel which leaves environment and conscience in peace.
Sodasan stain remover gel is particularly suitable for tough stains of grass, blood, cocoa, projections of fats and fruits. It is a gel with implacable action and easy to use by its convenient packaging with brush head.

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Aqua, Potassium Soap*, Alcohol denat., Glycerine*, Potassium Citrate
 *aus kontrolliert-biologischem Anbau


All the active ingredients are on vegetable base, quickly and completely biodegradable (OECD). The soaps precipitating straight into the waste water to non-cleansing calcium soaps, they are considered immediately degraded (primary degradation). Complete degradation to carbon dioxide and water (secondary degradation) is realised in a few hours.

Recommendations for use

Apply the Sodasan stain remover gel with the brush on the stain to make it penetrate and let it work. Then rinse or add to the laundry in the machine. In case of heavy dirt repeat the process.

Precautions for use

Not recommended for wool, silk, and other delicate fabrics. Consult the care instructions on the textiles and test before use the resistance of the colours.

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Santi-shop code: SS004

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