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BiofloralWhite Chestnut Bach Flower G35 - organic, alcohol-free

Biofloral White Chestnut Bach Flower G35 - organic, alcohol-free
10 ml

Bach Flower Remedy White Chestnut (No.35) is for those who have unwanted thoughts, worries and mental arguments, which intrude into the mind and stop them from concentrating on things that they should be doing.
Positive changes: mental clarity and peacefulness, concentration.

Contains approximately 400 granules.

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Latin name: Aesculus hippocastanum


Saccharose*, flower essence of Aesculus hippocastanum* 1/240e.
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture
1 granule is equivalent to 1 drop of standard Bach Flower


The alcohol-free Biofloral Bach Flower Remedies are elaborated in the mountains of Auvergne with much care according to the original method and the authentic spirit of Dr. Edward Bach.


Bach Flower Remedies act by their in-depth subtle character and contribute to reharmonise your psychic and energy balance to overcome the discouragement, sadness, fears, doubts, indecision, lack of confidence and disinterest into life, to find a new balance in your everyday life.
To help you to easily select the remedy you need, Doctor Bach grouped the emotional states in 7 great families in which the 38 remedies are distributed, each corresponding to a precise soul state.

Recommendations for use

Put 4 or 5 granules directly under the tongue, 4 times a day, during 1 to 4 weeks, or everytime you feel a need in your everyday life.

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