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Flores FarmGoji berries - organic

  Goji berries - organic, order possible as of 02/22/2018.  
Flores Farm Goji berries - organic
 250 g - 7.91 €
31.64 €/kg
Available as of 02/22/2018

Goji berries, here or raw quality, have already been consumed for more than 1,000 years in Asia and are highly prized in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine where they are deemed for example to protect liver, kidneys, eyes, stimulate the immune system, treat respiratory disorders and male infertility, slow neurological ageing and combat fatigue and weakness. Their sourish-fruity taste gives a slightly bitter fruity note to muesli, smoothies, salads and other health preparations.
Nowadays goji berries are also found very interesting in West Countries because of their antioxidant content. Moreover recent research has namely identified four specific polysaccharides which, based on in vitro and animal tests, have not only antioxidant but also immunostimulant, antidiabetics, antihypertensive, hypolipidemic and anti-infertility properties. Unfortunately there are still insufficient results to suggest a therapeutic dosage.
"Raw quality" food is treated below a maximum of 42°C, because enzymes and healthy nutriments (e.g. a large part of vitamins) are destroyed beyond this temperature.
Other names: chinese boxthorn, chinese wolfberry, tibetan goji.

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Latin name: Lycium barbarum, Lycium chinense, Lycium halimifolium


goji berries*
* from certified organic agriculture


Valeurs nutritionnelles par 100 g

  • énergie : 1446 kJ / 343 kcal
  • graisses : 3,5 g dont acides gras saturés : 0,4 g
  • glucides : 59,8 g dont sucres : 52,2 g
  • fibres alimentaires : 12,6 g
  • protéines : 11,7 g
  • sel : 530 mg

Precautions for use

- Store protected from light in a cool and dry place, in a tightly closed packing.
- Despite the care taken in processing traces of peanuts and other nuts can be present.

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