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ArcheSeaspaghetti - organic

Arche Seaspaghetti  - organic
 50 g - 3.64 €
72.80 €/kg
 Best before ≥ 05/20/2021

Arche Seaspaghetti is made of dried brown seaweeds with a fine-spicy aroma. A delicious addition to salads, soups, omelets, stew and pancakes. Gives sauces and condiments for fish or poultry a refined aroma.

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Latin name: Himanthalia elongatha


Seaspaghetti brown seaweeds*
* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: France


Arch seaweeds are regularly checked for residues of heavy metals and their actual level of iodine.


Average iodine content of the Seaspaghetti: 20 mg of iodine / 100 g dry seaweeds

Recommendations for use

Wash in a strainer under running water, soak for 10 minutes in water. Drain and cook a few minutes in fresh water (do not use the soak water for this).

Precautions for use

- protect from humidity and light
- Seaweeds are naturally rich in iodine. Excessive intake of iodine can cause thyroid dysfunction. The German Nutrition Society therefore recommends an average daily intake of less than 0.2 mg of iodine. The maximum daily consumption is therefore approximately 1 g = 1 tablespoon of seaweeds

Barcode: 4020943136648

Santi-shop code: AC011

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Seaspaghetti - organic
3.64 €
50 g
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