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HerbalgemHazel bud extract - organic

Herbalgem Hazel bud extract - organic
15 ml
The Hazel bud has an activity on all metabolisms with exception of sugars. It is one of the polyvalent remedies in gemmotherapy.
At pulmonary level the Hazel bud acts as drainer of the lungs, more particularly in cardiopulmonary cases with fibro-sclerotic profile. It is indicated in pulmonary stases and sclerosis, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma with emphysema.
At circulatory level it is active in hypochromic anemia with cirrhotic or digestive origin (intestinal bleedings). Hazelnut oil is also anti-anemic. Moreover it facilitates the synthesis of red blood cells (erythropoiesis) in marrow.
Hazel is active in circulatory stases which lead to the appearance of varicous ulcers. Overall hypocoagulant, it is effective in thrombosis, reduces cholesterol, acts in nercrosis of the extremities which can lead to senile gangrene.
It is also a remedy for arteritis, especially that of the lower limbs or those which lead to gangrene. It acts also on hypotonic sclerotic people
At hepatic level Hazel constitutes with juniper one of the greatest remedies of cirrhosis, as well bronze cirrhosis, as of Hanot or alcoholic cirrhosis(non ascitic). Its action also appears in hepatic steatosis (fatty liver).
At nervous level Hazel acts as nervous rebalancer, useful in depressions, neuro-vegetative imbalances, dyspepsia. It is also efficient in headache likely with hepatic or circulatory origin - n.o.a.
Its action at renal level appears in the resorption of oedemas of the lower extremities (and seems to show a polarity with the spleen of the traditional Chinese medicine).
Let us also note the properties of the other parts of the plant, which will perhaps one day be confirmed its bud macerate: anti-epileptic (pollen, Mistletoe of Hazel tree), antihemorragic, astringent, healing, diuretic, depurative, febrifuge, pectoral, sudorific, venous tonic, vermifuge, renal colics, oedemas, cough, varixes, phlebitis, hemorrhoids, sexual tonic.

The above information is a translation of the FEH with its authorisation.
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Latin name: Corylus Avellana gemmae


Hazel* buds, Alcohol* (35%), Water, Vegetable Glycerine
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture


Based on fresh buds.


The HerbalGem/GemmoBase products are concentrated and 50 ml allow for a 70 days cure based on 10 drops per day. For a global view and information on gemmotherapy products from HerbalGem.

Traditional use

- Anemia (5-15 drops/day).
- Drainage of the lungs (5-15 drops/day).
- Cholesterol (5-10 drops/day).
- Cirrhosis (5-15 drops/day).
- Fibroids (5-15 drops/day).
To know more about all the uses of macerates, refer to the book "Treatise on Gemmotherapy. The Therapeutic Use of Buds.".

Recommendations for use

- Take the drops 1/2h before meals, 2 to 3 times per day, pure or diluted in source water or honey. For an optimum result, put them directly on the tongue and wait for a few seconds before swallowing.
- Gradually increase the dosage (1 drop per day from 5 drops) to 15 - 20 drops. After having obtained the desired result, keep the same number of drops until the end of the cure.
- One generally recommends a 3 weeks cure, repeated 3 times, with a week of downtime between each cure.
- Correct dosage to be confirmed by your therapist.

Precautions for use

- Keep away from children.
- No specific contra-indication.
- The pregnant lady will take care not to use buds with hormonal action like raspberry, bilberry, giant redwood (or sequoia), oak.

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