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HerbalgemOlive bud extract - organic

Herbalgem Olive bud extract - organic
15 ml
The young shoots of the Olive tree provide a great cerebral and circulatory remedy.
Symbol of peace, at the same time food, excipient and remedy, multi-millenary tree, the Olive tree is famous for its oil, widely used in ointments, balms, pomades but also as excipient to extract certain liposoluble active principles (e.g. red St John's wort oil). St Hildegarde used the bark against gout. Dr Bach recommends it in elixir form in physical psychic or intellectual overwork.
The presence of olive oil, fire principle of the plant, is in relation to the action of the Olive tree in gemmotherapy. Young shoots of the Olive tree have a marked cerebral tropism which is valued in cerebral sclerosis and defects of the senile brain such as e.g. memory laps. Its action is deep as it is indicated in phobic and obsessional neurosis.
Finally through its action on blood the young shoots of Olive tree macerate is recommended in non-thrombotic cerebral atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. Great remedy of the circulatory system, it reduces the total lipids, cholesterol ( which it destroys), balances phospholipids and thins thickened blood.
Olive tree has a hypoglycemic activity which makes it indicated in fatty diabetes and diabetic arteritis, and also in tissue necrosis of the extremities leading often to gangrene.
The Olive tree is also useful as anti-atherosclerotic and in thrombotic states. It is a hypotensor which does not cause vasoconstriction.
Young shoots of Olive tree have moreover an action in hepatic insufficiency (olive oil is cholagogue) and in minor renal insufficiency.

The above information is a translation of the FEH with its authorisation.
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Latin name: Olea Europea surc. rec.


Young shoots of Olive*, Alcohol* (35%), Water, Vegetable Glycerine
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture


The HerbalGem/GemmoBase products are concentrated and 50 ml allow for a 70 days cure based on 10 drops per day. For a global view and information on gemmotherapy products from HerbalGem.

Traditional use

- cerebral arteriosclerosis (5-15 drops/day)
- cholesterol (5-10 drops/day)
- memory (5-15 drops/day)
- nervousness (5-15 drops/day)
To know more about all the uses of macerates, refer to the book "Treatise on Gemmotherapy. The Therapeutic Use of Buds.".

Recommendations for use

- Take the drops 1/2h before meals, 2 to 3 times per day, pure or diluted in source water or honey. For an optimum result, put them directly on the tongue and wait for a few seconds before swallowing.
- Gradually increase the dosage (1 drop per day from 5 drops) to 15 - 20 drops. After having obtained the desired result, keep the same number of drops until the end of the cure.
- One generally recommends a 3 weeks cure, repeated 3 times, with a week of downtime between each cure.
- Correct dosage to be confirmed by your therapist.

Precautions for use

- Keep away from children.
- No specific contra-indication.
- The pregnant lady will take care not to use buds with hormonal action like raspberry, bilberry, giant redwood (or sequoia), oak.

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