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ArcheArrowroot - organic

Arche Arrowroot - organic
 1 kg - 16.55 €
16.55 €/kg

Arrowroot is extracted from the rhizome of a plant and gives an easily digestible flower which can be used as starch (vegetable thickener) in cooking (thickens already at ca. 65 °C) and works as regulator of the intestinal function in cases of diarrhea.

Arrowroot is extremely valuable in cooking when clear thickening is wished as for example for fruit gels or delicate sauces (it does not make the fluid go cloudy, like cornstarch, flour or other starchy thickening agents would). It thickens at a lower temperature than does flour or cornstarch and prevents ice crystals from forming in homemade ice cream.

Arrowroot has to be mixed with a cool liquid before adding to a hot fluid, should be heated only until the mixture thickens and removed immediately to prevent the mixture from thinning because overheating tends to break down arrowroot's thickening property.

Arrowroot, or obedience plant (Maranta arundinacea), Bermuda arrowroot, araru, ararao, is a large perennial herb found in rainforest habitats. It is cultivated for its starch obtained from the rhizomes (rootstock), which is also called arrowroot.

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starch from the root of the arrowroot plant*
* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: India


Average data per 100g
- energy: 1515kJ / 355kcal
- protein: 0.4g
- carbohydrates: 94g
- fat: 0.1g

Barcode: 4020943137041

Santi-shop code: AC008

Arrowroot - organic
16.55 €
1 kg