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Flores FarmCoconut strips - organic

Flores Farm Coconut strips - organic
90 g

Coconut strips from Fores Farm are a raw food quality crispy-fresh tasting delicacy reminiscent of the delicate sweetness, mild flavour of a fresh coconut. They are suitable as a snack for in between, but can be also be used in raw food preparations or for baking and cooking. A delicious and healthy coconut fat source!

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Latin name: Cocos nucifera


* from certified organic agriculture (DE-001-Öko-Kontrollstelle)


Raw quality Produkt. "Raw quality" food is treated below a maximum of 45°C, because enzymes and healthy nutriments (e.g. a large part of vitamins) are destroyed beyond this temperature.

These coconut strips are handmade by small farmers in West Africa. The nuts are cracked with machetes and the fruit flesh is removed. Thereby coconut oil is neither pressed out nor extracted. Then the fruit flesh is manually cut into strips and just after that gently dried so that the precious ingredients and the full aroma are preserved.
Flores Farm purchases direct from the producers and pay fair prices. Flores Farm also promotes and instigates projects which allow farmers a greater degree of independence.


Nutrional values per 100g

  • energy: 2709kJ / 647kcal
  • fat: 63,9g of which saturates: 55,4g
  • carbohydrates: 6,5g of which sugars: 6g
  • protein: 6,3g
  • salt: 0,1g
Coconut is a non-standardised natural product so the composition can change per lot.

Precautions for use

Store protected from light in a cool and dry place, in a tightly closed packing.
Coconut can quickly get dry and lose its aroma. When stored too long or at poor storage conditions it becomes rancid.

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