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Flores FarmBrazil nuts - organic

Flores Farm Brazil nuts - organic
100 g

Delicious, healthy raw quality Brazil nuts. An exotic delicacy. Brazil nuts are bigger than the other nuts, have a rather crunchy texture, taste a little like hazelnuts and Macadamianuts, and have a lot of healthy nutrients. They can be eaten, as is or incorporated as well in salty as in sweet recipes, but should always be consumed in moderation (rich in calories and selenium).
Several epidemiological and clinical studies have found that regular consumption (about 30g per week) of husk fruits, peanuts and oilseeds has a cholesterol-lowering effect, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones in men, gall bladder ablation and colon cancer in women. Brazil nuts in particular are very rich in for many body functions and the immune system beneficial vitamins and minerals, especially selenium (ea elimination of toxins, anti-aging) and magnesium.
Brazil nuts are also called Brazil chestnuts, Amazonian nuts or Paranuts. They grow exclusively in wild in rainforests but are valued worldwide for their flavour and interesting nutritional intake.

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Brazil nuts*
* certified organic wild origin

Origin: Peru


Raw quality Produkt. "Raw quality" food is treated below a maximum of 45°C, because enzymes and healthy nutriments (e.g. a large part of vitamins) are destroyed beyond this temperature.

Flores Farm Brazil nuts are hand-picked, cold-cracked and gently dried to preserve their full range of nutrients and delicious flavour.
Flores Farm purchases direct from the producers and pay fair prices. Flores Farm also promotes and instigates projects which allow farmers a greater degree of independence.


Nutrional values per 100g

  • energy: 687kJ / 2876kcal
  • fat: 66g of which saturates: 15,1g
  • carbohydrates: 4,1g of which sugars: 2,4g
  • protein: 14g
  • salt: less than 0,1g

Recommendations for use

  • You can consume them out of the bag, or with salads, bread, biscuits, mueslis.

Precautions for use

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
May contain traces of peanuts and nuts

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