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MarkalSugar cane black Molasses - organic

Markal Sugar cane black Molasses - organic
430 g

Sugar cane black molasses is a thick very dark noncrystallizable syrup resulting from the transformation of sugar cane into sugar which is a very good alternative for sugar because of its higher content of nutritive elements, even compared to unrefined whole cane sugar or mascobado cane sugar, is namely rich in minerals and trace elements. Moreover sugar cane black molasses is less caloric than saccharose, and also less sweet but of more pronounced flavour.
Sugar cane black molasses provides a high contribution of potassium, magnesium, calcium (more than beet molasses), sodium and sulphur and also contains significant amounts of trace elements (copper, zinc, iron, manganese).
Sugar cane black molasses is a complete and unrefined sweetener that can replace sugar and jam on bread, pancakes, cakes, in culinary preparations or teas, infusions. Diluted with water it gives a nutritious and easily digestible sweet drink.

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sugar cane*
* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: Paraguay


Average data per 100g
- energy: 1214kJ / 290kcal
- lipids: 0,1g of which 0g saturated
- carbohydrates: 74,7g 0f which 55,5g sugar
- potassium: 1464mg
- salt: 0,09g
- calcium: 205mg
- magnesium: 242mg
- iron:4,7mg
The supply of phosphorus is about a quarter of that of calcium, and molasses is so a quick energy source rich in minerals that can help to achieve a good calcium/phosphorus ratio in the daily ration (recommended ratio of 1 to 2), as also do for example figs or, with a lower carbohydrate supply nettle, most cabbage leaves, broccolis, some dairy products (milk, yaourths, emmental ..) ...

Precautions for use

Keep in a dry, fresh place, away from light.

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