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MarkalWalnuts, big pieces - organic

Markal Walnuts, big pieces - organic
150 g

Raw quality Walnuts without shell in big pieces, delicious out of the bag as a snack, in salads, with bread or (pseudo)cereal-chapatis, pastery, ice. Walnuts, as the other oleaginous, contain several very interesting healthy nutriments and are here of raw quality to preserve maximally their essential elements.
Several epidemiological and clinical studies have found that regular consumption (about 30g per week) of peanuts and oleaginous fruits and seeds has a cholesterol-lowering effect, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones in men, gall bladder ablation and colon cancer in women. The walnuts, fruit of the walnut tree, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and contains, as all nuts, important and numerous vitamins and minerals. Its nutritional value is very high.

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* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: France


Cultivated and transformed in France.The outer green husk, or "chuck", splits open when the nuts are ripe for harvesting. After harvest the nuts are cleaned, shelled and dried with warm air (less than 35 °C), stored cold and then packaged

Raw quality Produkt. "Raw quality" food is treated below a maximum of 45°C, because enzymes and healthy nutriments (e.g. a large part of vitamins) are destroyed beyond this temperature.


Nutritional values per 100g

  • energy: 3029kJ / 747kcal
  • fat: 74,5g of which saturates: 7,1g, polyunsaturates: 50,7g of which 10,7 g alpha-linoleic fatty acid (omega 3), 39,9 g linoleic fatty acid (omega 6)
  • carbohydrates: 7,1g of which sugars: 3,2g
  • fibre: 2,9g
  • protein: 10,6g
  • salt: traces
Ionisation/Additions/Colourants/Radioactivity : absence

Precautions for use

Store away from light, in a cool and dry place, in a tightly closed packing.

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