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BiofloreSuppleness of the felid - organic

Bioflore Suppleness of the felid - organic
 100 ml - 13.65 €
136.50 €/l

The suppleness of the felid is a synergy of oils to massage joints and muscles.
The base of this synergy, an organic macerate of arnica in sunflower oil, is ideal to support muscle vitality and joint flexibility. A discrete touch of organic St John's wort macerate provides the skin with its soothing qualities.
The synergy of essential oils is designed for painful joints and muscles and to prepare them to effort. It preserves them after effort and increases their recovery ability. Beyond its immediate power, it boosts overall vitality and communicates to rusted organisms the desire to act, to respond, both physically and mentally

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Arnica montana MH*, Hypericum perforatum MH*, Lavandula Burnati Briquet*, Eucalyptus citriodora*, Cedrelopsis grevei*, Laurus nobilis*, Gaultheria fragrantissima*, Mentha piperita*, Helichrysum italicum*, Ocimum basilicum*


* ingredients from certified organic agriculture

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Suppleness of the felid - organic
13.65 €
100 ml