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Lune GroupMenstrual Cup Lunette Violet (size 2)

Lune Group Menstrual Cup Lunette Violet (size 2)
 1 pc. - 21.35 €
21.35 €/pc.

The Lunette Violet menstrual cup, sometimes also called period cup, is an innovative menstruation barrier made in Finland. It is an easy-to-use, safe and sanitary alternative to disposable sanitary napkins and tampons. By using the menstrual cup, you protect the environment, save money and can enjoy peace of mind.
The cup is inserted in the vagina where it is kept in place by a vacuum and the vaginal muscles. By its shape and flexibility, it prevents leaks and protects against odours. On average you will need to empty the cup 2-4 times per 24 hours. After emptying, wash the cup carefully with water and mild soap. Alternatively you can boil the cup briefly in plenty of water.

Size 1 is usually recommended for girls and young women who have never given birth.
Size 2 is recommended for women above 30 and for those who have already given birth.

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This product is FDA approved.

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Medical grade silicone, light purple colour

Origin: Finland


  • Diameter: 46mm
  • Volume: 30ml
  • Stem length: 20mm
  • External measuring lines: 7.5ml and 15ml
  • 4 air holes


Flexibility and softness. Shorter than a tampon, this menstrual cup will fit to the shape of the vagina once in place. Soon you forget its presence and you will continue your regular activities, including sports, and spend a good night's sleep.

Health and hygiene

  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • Hypoallergenic (no latex)
  • No perfume or bleaching
  • Doesn't change the natural moisture level of the vagina or dry out mucous membranes
  • Does not become dirty when urination
  • Smooth inside lining for easy cleaning

Used with care, one Lunette menstrual cup lasts for about 5-10 years.

Environmentally friendly
The menstrual cup does not need replacing for years and during its term of service there is no waste to dispose of. This should be compared to the 10 000 to 15 000 tampons and/or panty liners an average woman uses during her life.

Recommendations for use

The Lunette menstrual cup comes with a detailed user's guide and a storage bag.

  • Sterilize the cup before first use.
  • Carefully wash your hands.
  • Fold the cup and insert it into the lower part of the vagina.
  • Remove the cup after 12 hours maximum and empty it.
  • Wash the menstrual cup carefully in warm water with perfume-free mild soap and re-insert it.

At the end of the period, sterilize the cup and store it back in its original storage bag.

Folding techniques in pictures, another one.
Additional information to be found on the Lunette international website and on the menstrual cup community blog.

Precautions for use

  • Use only during the periods.
  • Empty the cup at least every 12 hours, more often in case of heavy flow.
  • Disinfect the cup in boiling water (4 min max) at the end of the period, before to store it back in its storage bag. (Pay attention not to burn it or melt it on the bottom of the pan).
  • Do not store the cup in a sealed pouch (plastic bag) to avoid the risk of growth of bacteria.
  • Do not use during post-natal bleeding nor during sexual intercourse.
  • The menstrual cup is not a contraceptive device.
  • The cup does not protect its user from sexually-transmitted diseases.
  • Trim the tab if needed, but take care not to damage the bottom of the cup or to create cutting stops that could hurt the vagina walls.
  • Do not use any product for your cup that could harm the vaginal mucous (dish washing machine, strong soap, perfume etc).

Barcode: 6430024463033

Santi-shop code: LU008

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Menstrual Cup Lunette Violet (size 1)
21.35 €
1 pc.
Menstrual Cup Lunette Violet (size 2)
21.35 €
1 pc.