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BiofloreSang pur sang Bio

Bioflore Sang pur sang Bio
100 ml

Sang pur sang is a massage oil whose regeneration action on circulation is remarkable. It is suitable in case of heavy legs, poor venous return, swollen extremities, tendency to varicose veins, haemorrhoids. In addition to its circulatory impact, it brings freshness and vigour to the whole organism. It can be applied without difficulty on sensitive, even painful skin.
Avoid massaging back and forward when applying the massage oil, massage only from the ends towards the hart.

Refill for the bottle of 50 ml.

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AROMATHERAPY / Massages and deep healing


COSMETICS / Body care / Oils

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virgin vegetable oils of sunflower* and calophylle*, grapefruit zest essence*, essential oils of cypress*, helichrysum italicum*, peppermint*, mastic*, patchouli *
* certified organic

Precautions for use

- to avoid for pregnant or lactating women

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