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BiofloreCarot oil macerate - organic

Bioflore Carot oil macerate - organic
100 ml
This oil macerate of carrot is the result of the maceration of the root vegetable carrot in organic sunflower oil of first cold pressing. The obtained product is rich in beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A with regenerating and anti-oxidant properties. It is suitable for dull, devitalized, tired skin which it provides brightness and a characteristic colouring. Oil Macerate of carrot is used as e suntan oil but also to protect the skin after long exposure to the sun, thanks to its anti-oxidant power. It helps to prolong the suntan and benefits from being synergistically combined with essential oils to regenerate the skin.
Organic first cold pressed sunflower oil is a very fluid vegetable oil with fruity odour, containing a lot of linoleic acid and vitamin E. It is very appreciated as edible oil and suites also very well as carrier oil for essential oils and as massage oil, especially when deep action is wished. Very penetrating and leaving little fat sensation, it softens and smooths skin and mucous membranes.
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COSMETICS / Body care / Oils

COSMETICS / Facial care / Oils

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Latin name: Daucus carota


sunflower oil* of first cold pressure, carrot*, 0,2 % vitamin E from sunflower
* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: France

Barcode: 5425038833720

Santi-shop code: BF066

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