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MarkalBuckwheat - organic

Markal Buckwheat - organic
500 g

Brown to greenish buckwheat grains, nutritive and aromatic to consume cooked (to accompany Leguminous or other food), or after grinding to flour, for a use in various culinary preparations (bread, pies, pancakes, cookies. ..).

As quinoa or amaranth, buckwheat is often referred to as a pseudo-cereal, because it is consumed as a cereal but does not belong to the Gramineae family (which contains the classic cereals). Due to this fact, the nutritional composition of buckwheat is pretty different from that of cereals. Buckwheat has a highly nutritive grain rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and moreover in soluble fibres. Its proteins contain all essential amino acids and thus have a high biological value.
Buckwheat is native to Mongolia. It is consumed as a cereal, but it is botanically the fruit of a plant of the same family as rhubarb and sorrel. Since it contains no gluten it is particularly suitable for people who suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

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* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: China, transformed in Holland


- allergen prevention measures implemented by the company MARKAL:
* the packaging schedule is defined based on allergens
* complete cleaning after each product
* additional cleaning at the end of workingshifts by a specialized company


Average data per 100g
- energy: 1406kJ / 335kcal
- protein: 13.1g
- carbohydrates: 65.4g
- fat: 2.3g
- fibres: 4.6g


Does not contain gluten.
Rich in soluble fiber and antioxidants. Grain highly nutritive. Its proteins are rich in lysine, contain all essential amino acids and thus have a high biological value. Rich in copper, magnesium and manganese, it also provides phosphor, iron, zinc and is particularly rich in B vitamins and vitamin P.

Recommendations for use

Bring to a boil 1 cup buckwheat with 2 cups of water very lightly salted, broth or milk. Let simmer on low heat on a flame diffuser for about 45 minutes.

Precautions for use

- Possible traces of gluten, lupine, sesame and soy.
- Keep cool and protected from light, in well closed packing.

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Santi-shop code: MK004

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