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MarkalAmaranth - organic

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Markal Amaranth - organic
 250 g - 1.56 €
6.24 €/kg

Amaranth is a pseudo-cereal without gluten, with a slightly spicy flavour and used as cereals. Amaranth seeds are richer in proteins than most cereals, and their amino acids are better balanced. They are an excellent source of magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper and zinc, provide a good supply of potassium and folic acid, contain also calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6, thiamine, niacin.

Amaranth seeds can be used as such in all kinds of sauces, soups, omelettes ... or cooked in water (about 25 minutes) as accompaniment, optionally with spices, or boiled into porridge. Processed into flour, amaranth seeds make pastries more moist and sweeter. This flour can be used for the preparation of biscuits, pancakes, waffles,.... When amaranth seeds are grilled/heated they puff up like popcorn, are called "l'popped or puffed Amaranth".

In the realm of the Incas, Aztecs and Mayas, amaranth or "Incas wheat" was known for its nutritional and spiritual qualities. Healers used it as sacred wheat in religious rituals, the plant was synonymous with immortality. Amaranth was rediscovered a few years ago and its use for current consumption is encouraged by the authorities. In the language of flowers amaranth is associated with faithfulness and enduring love.

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Latin name: Amaranthus hypochondriacus


* from certified organic agriculture


Allergen prevention measures implemented by the company MARKAL:
* the packaging schedule is defined based on allergens
* complete cleaning after each product
* additional cleaning at the end of workingshifts by a specialized company


Average data per 100g
- energy: 1410-1450kJ / 320-350kcal
- protein:14-17g
- carbohydrates: 52-56g, of which total sugar: 2-3g
- fat: 6-7 g, of which saturated fat: 1.5-2g
- Calcium: 175-190mg
- Sodium: 1-2mg
- Iron: 8-9mg
- Vitamine A: 25-35microg
- Fibres 10-13g
Proteins of amaranth seeds are more balanced in amino acids as cereals, especially in lysine, methionine and tryptophan,


Amaranth contains lysine, an amino acid which is rare in most cereals and which is necessary for immunity, energy supply to the cells, bone growth, the formation of collagen. Its high content of lysine also gives Amarant medicinal properties, verified in treatment of HIV/AIDS and other debilitating diseases, allowing patients to recover their energy.

Recommendations for use

- The cooking time of amaranth seeds is about 25 minutes. Variation: cook amaranth in 3 times its amount of water on low heat for about 30 minutes and let stand 10 minutes.
- Amaranth can also be used as flour, but often, especially for bread, it is better to add a cereal with bread making quality (eg wheat or barley).

Precautions for use

- Store in a cool and dry place, in a closed packing.
- Allergens that may be present on the production line and be a risk of cross contamination: gluten, sesame, soybean, mustard, nuts, lupin.

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