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MarkalCorn Semolina (polenta) - organic

Markal Corn Semolina (polenta) - organic
500 g
This Markal corn semolina is produced from dried corn or maize grains, ground into semolina. In Italian food, maize semolina is the mean ingredient of polenta, a dish made from this ground maize which is delicious as an accompaniment to vegetables or fish or as main dish decorated with mushrooms, garlic and cheese. It can also be offered as a dessert with cottage cheese or fruit.
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FOOD / Cereals (Pseudo-) / Flour

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* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: Italy




Average data for 100g
- energy: 1 442kJ / 345kcal
- protein: 8.5g
- carbohydrates: 74g
- fat: 1.7g
- fibres: 4.5g

Recommendations for use

Preparation: add one volume of cornsemolinal, to 3 to 4 times this volume of warm water and bring to boil for a few minutes, stirring to avoid lumps. Optionally add a little salt and/or some butter and let rise for 30 minutes on very low heat on a heat diffuser. You can also put the water-semolina mix, when it has taken a thicker consistency, for 30 minutes in the oven at a medium temperature.
Partially replacing the water with milk gives the polenta a nice slightly creamy flavour. Using vegetable bouillon in place of water also provides a delicious alternative.

Precautions for use

- Keep cool (temperature below 20 ° C) and protected from light, in well closed packing.
- Possible traces of sesame, gluten, soya, mustard and lupin

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