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MarkalOat Bran - organic

Markal Oat Bran - organic
500 g

Oat bran contains many natural compounds beneficial to health and so has very interesting dietary, even therapeutic, properties.
Oat bran is extremely rich in soluble fibers (apples, zucchini, eggplant ... also contain some of them but in less quantities than oat bran) and pectin and can so absorb up to thirty times its volume in water. Thanks to this, provided you drink enough water, it helps combat constipation on a gentle and non-irritating way, by keeping intestinal contents wet, which greatly facilitates intestinal transit. American studies also state that these transit properties, as well as the richness in nutrients (eg soluble fiber, magnesium, manganese) of oat bran make it able to prevent colorectal cancer.
Oat bran also has proven effects on cholesterol due to its content of beta-glucan, a hypocholesterolemic soluble fiber, and it is so the first natural food to be recommended the American Heart Association as prevention against cardiovascular diseases. This content in beta-glucan also provides a stimulating effect on the immune system and a better control of the blood sugar level.
Its benefits to refine the silhouette are also recognized. Indeed, on the one hand, it has the satiating properties of soluble fibers, and, because of the water absorption, it is swelling in the stomach, thereby allowing to increase satiety at the end of the meal and to avoid more easily eventual snacks inbetween meals (which cause the failure of many dietary plans). And on the other hand, as the body does not have the enzymes necessary for the assimilation of oat fibers, they are not absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and the bran is largely eliminated in the stool, taking with it certain nutrients like carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids (fats) of other foods with which it is mixed. So it can decrease the absorption of sugars and fats and be beneficial to lose weight or keep one's weight, also help some diabetics.
Oat bran, which has a low glycemic index (15), is often recommended for diabetes type 2, associated with a low sugar diet. Its regular consumption would also have a significant impact on the metabolism of pre-diabetic people.
Also very rich in fibres: dried figs, prunes, psyllium, linseeds, chiaseeds, coconut meal, cocoa beans or cocoa powder, Baobab powder, tigernut flour....

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oat bran*
* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: Finland


Allergen prevention measures implemented by the company MARKAL:
* the packaging schedule is defined based on allergens
* complete cleaning after each product
* additional cleaning at the end of workingshifts by a specialized company


Average data per 100g
- energy: 1330-1370kJ /300-340kcal
- protein: 16-18g
- carbohydrates: 44-47g
- fat: 6.6-8.6g
- fibres: 17-19g
- sodium 2-4mg


Oats (Avena Sativa) and naked barley (Hordeum distychum) or hulled barley(Hordeum vulgaris) contain many natural compounds beneficial to health, including tocopherols, phenolics, phytosterols and soluble fibers (of which beta-glucan (beta-glucan), a unique soluble fiber, is the most recognized health promoting compound) and insoluble. Barley and oats are among the principal grains (wheat, rye, oats and barley) those whose seeds contain the highest amounts of beta-glucan (barley 3% to 11%, oats 3% to 7%). In barley ß-glucans are more evenly distributed in the grain while ß-glucans from oats are in the endosperm and its wall, so the interest of consuming whole grains, and possibly for oats, oat bran.
Diets including soluble fibers from certain foods and having a low content of saturated fat and cholesterol appear to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The first clinical trials showing the link between the consumption of oats and the reduction of serum cholesterol level date back more than 40 years, more recent studies have determined accurately ß-glucan is the physiologically active component responsible for the cholesterol-lowering effect (with lower (bad) LDL-cholesterol and higher (good) HDL-cholesterol) of oats. In addition, many studies on the subject have allowed a health statement by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States: a diet rich in whole grain oats is associated with reduced risk of CHD. Studies have also shown the effect of stimulation of the immune system and on blood sugar control of beta-glucan.

Recommendations for use

- Start with one teaspoon per day and gradually increase to a tablespoon per day to ensure that it is well tolerated by the body. Then you can increase your intake to 2 or 3 tablespoons per day, as part of a balanced diet. It is generally best not to exceed 3 tablespoons per day to avoid intestinal discomfort that may be caused by excessive brans' consumption.
- Oat bran can be simply sprinkled on salads or vegetables, or mix with dairy products (cheese, yogurt, milk). As its properties remain unchanged by cooking, it can also be integrated in preparations for biscuits, cakes, pancakes, pizza or bread.

Precautions for use

- Store in a cool and dry place, in a closed packing.
- Contains gluten.
- Could contain traces of sesame, soya or shell fruits.
- The ability of oat bran to reduce the absorption of fats and sugars could also have an effect on the absorption of vitamins or other nutrients. So it is sometimes advised not to take bran at every meal, for example, or to supplement or increase the intake of essential nutrients if bran is taken at all meals.
- The use of bran could be poorly tolerated by fragile intestines.
- For (pre-)diabetic poeple bran does by no means replace a diet low in sugars. It is only associated with a special diet that bran could help stabilize blood glycemia (glucose (simple sugar) in blood).

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