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MarkalPopcorn Maize - organic

Markal Popcorn Maize - organic
 500 g - 1.99 €
3.98 €/kg
 Best before ≥ 07/17/2019

Strong heating of popcorn gives popped grains. The only corn variety that makes this possible has smaller grains than the common one and a much stronger schell. In addition to the traditional preparation of popped grains this corn can also be ground (with a resistant grain/coffee mill) and prepared like corn semolina, for example as a (delicious!) Polenta.
Corn is naturally gluten-free, so it is suitable for people who want to reduce their gluten consumption.

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Latin name: zea mays


popcorn Maize butterfly*
* from certified organic agriculture

Origin: Ukraine


Allergen prevention measures implemented by the company MARKAL:

  • the packaging schedule is defined based on allergens
  • complete cleaning after each product
  • additional cleaning at the end of workingshifts by a specialized company


Nutritional values per 100g

  • energy: 1666kJ / 393,6kcal
  • fat: 4,2g of which saturates: 0,67g
  • carbohydrates: 75,9g of which sugar:traces
  • fibre: 2,1g
  • protein: 12g
  • salt: 0,1g


Epidemiological studies have shown that the consumption of whole grain cereals is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, some cancers and obesity. These beneficial effects would be due to the synergy between the many compounds of whole grain cereals, such as fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, the majority of which are contained in bran and germ, hence the advantage of consuming cereals as less refined as possible.

Recommendations for use

  • Spread a very thin layer of vegetable oil or fat in a frying-pan and let heat on high for 1 min before gently pouring a quantity of grains covering the bottom of the pan with a single layer of grains and then cover with a waterproof panlid. As soon as the first grains pop, reduce the heat and cut it while further corns continue to burst.
    Savour nature or sprinkled with salt or sugar, or coated with honey, chocolate or caramel according to taste.
  • Grind with a resistant grain/coffee mill and use as semolina in culinary preparations or make a polenta of freshly ground corn (take into account the grind size for the cooking time).

Precautions for use

Allergens present on the packaging site that might be a risk of cross-contamination: almonds, gluten, mustard, hazelnuts, cashews, sesame and soy.

Barcode: 3329488631207

Santi-shop code: MK002

Material recycling:

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Popcorn Maize - organic
1.99 €
500 g
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