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BioflorePalmarosa essential oil - organic

Bioflore Palmarosa essential oil - organic
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Palmarosa essential oil is used for massage, as a vapour and in the bath. Due to its pleasant rosy scent, it is often used in skin and hair care products. Suitable for all skin types, it protects the skin and is helpful with skin regeneration.
Palmarosa is one of 10 major essential oils, an oil to be used for all fungal, scarring and eczema skin diseases.

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Latin name: Cymbopogon martinii

Part used: plant

Aromatic molecules: geraniol, linalool, nerol, geranyl acetate, geranyl formate.

Origin: Madagascar


- 100% pure and natural
- from certified organic farming


Scent: a flowery, rose-like fragrance


- Broad spectrum powerful antibacterial.
- Fungicide.
- Antiviral and immune stimulant.
- Epulotic.
- Uterine and nervous tonic .

Traditional use

- Facilitate the delivery.
- Nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis.
- Cystitis, urethritis, vaginitis, cervicitis, salpingitis.
- Acne, eczema, sores, scabs.
- Fungal, digestive and gynecological infections.
- Stress, irritability.

Recommendations for use

For all infections, a few drops of essential oil several times a day on or next to the organ affected: on the neck (pharyngitis), on the sinuses (sinusitis), around the ear (otitis), on the eczematous skin, on the lower abdomen and on the lower back (enteritis and cystitis).

Precautions for use

- Not recommended during pregnancy except to facilitate childbirth.
Warning: the above information is taken from serious books but should only be considered as preliminary information in a discussion with your doctor or aromatherapist.

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Palmarosa essential oil - organic
2.95 €
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