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BiofloreOpening (essential oils synergy) - organic

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Bioflore Opening (essential oils synergy) - organic
 30 ml - 12.05 €
401.67 €/l

"Opening" (new formulation and new presentation as spray) is a synergy of pure essential oils for those who aspire to regain normal breathing potential if this is compromised by respiratory allergy, allergic or nervous asthma, chronic nervous stress, a state of emotional unwell being.
Bioflore looked here for a mastered breathing action, a desensitising action and a contribution of emotional solidity. The very light vegetable grapeseed oil base avoids greasy feeling and penetrates quickly.

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vegetable grapeseed oil* essential oils of rock hyssop*, olibanum*, niaouli*, roman chamomile*, chamomile*, badian*, khella*.
* from certified organic agriculture


- 100% pure and natural the essential oils are
- from certified organic farming

Recommendations for use

A vaporization, up to 6 times a day and when needed. Its preferable to alternate the skin areas. Breathe the so developed smell:
- on the inner side of a wrist, then rub the two wrists against each other
- on the solar plexus, and massage in with circular movements
- inside the elbow and then rub with the inner face of the opposite wrist

Precautions for use

- not recommended for pregnant women and children under 1 year
Warning : the above information is taken from serious books but should only be considered as preliminary information in a discussion with your doctor or aromatherapist.

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