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ContentoCosmo Deco - Angel

Contento Cosmo Deco - Angel
1 pc.

Lovely hanging metal decoration with an angel in the centre and six coloured metal rings.
Christmas decoration. The perfect gift to offer. Easy to send.

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  • 6 pink metal rings.
  • One angel figurine in shiny silver metal.
  • Thin supension cord in silver colour, length: 180 mm.
  • Outer diameter: 135 mm.

Recommendations for use

Bend apart the metal rings individually by turning them into angles of maximum 90°. Start with the inner ring and then gradually up to the outer ring.
Hang the mobile in the location of your choice.

Precautions for use

Do not bend the rings back into their initial position because the bonds between rings may break.

Barcode: 4028126169650

Santi-shop code: CO001

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